I got stuck at the bar that night
He drove me home at my friend's request
I wasn't happy but didn't put up a fight
He seemed pretty mellow to me, I wouldn't have guessed

Prior to this we were all having a good time
Listening to April Wine having a blast
He was so into you and you played him fine
I knew your sister better, only knew you from the past

You met someone else who caught your eye
Said the heck with it and for me to dance with him
We got up had a dance, all the while he was your spy
Quietly checking you out he looked pretty grim

He looked like a country boy, not bad looking
Fairly friendly but quiet, didn't talk too much
Still watching from afar and wondered what's cooking
With that tall, dark, well - muscled man viewing you with lust

Helen picked up a bouncer at the bar with intent
Lonely from her recent break up with her husband
Said she didn't want to drive her car
Any excuse she could find and she was hell bent

Well it was too late to call my dad
Get him out of bed to drive 20 minutes
I wasn't happy with her, I was pretty mad
To put me in this spot I was at my limit

Driving past familiar structures close to home
Made me relax a little more inside
We were getting closer but I felt so alone
We drew up near my fence, I thanked him for the drive

A week later I heard he was arrested for murder
Killed his boss not sure what the reason
Every word I say is true, nothing further
All I know is I'm lucky to be here to enjoy the seasons

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Tags : This is an absolutely true experience of mine that happened many years ago. Went to a bar with a friend named Helen and got a drive home with this man.

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