Another day, another conversation.
They tell me to let go, to forget you,
But you are my only distraction.
The only thing keeping me from going boom.
When I am here, I gain satisfaction.
Why did you have to leave so soon?
Bickering of mine that much of a frustration?
Told was I...I would find love anew,
Oh how great a lie to quell my infuriation,
'Cos a hole in my heart, you gave me, like a room,
And I truly don't know when I'll be able to resist your attraction.

I could tell you about all that happened today,
And also what transpired last night.
What would be the point? It would all be in vain,
For laugh you cannot, and be by my side.
It is amiss to me why I still feel this much pain,
And my heart is in so much plight.
I have to come to terms that you are forever away,
So I try to carry on with all my might.
It still feels like you left yesterday.
Sometimes, pretend do I, that you were never in my life,
In an attempt to wash your uncleanable stain.

The day you left me still roams in my memory.
When I heard it I thought, 'it can't be'.
Your departure almost led to my insanity,
Darkness and vagueness, was all I could see.
I tried so hard to find a remedy,
In booze, women, drugs and even special teas,
But as the months went by I sunk deeper away from clarity.
So here we are...just you and me.
I stare at you, in all my vanity,
As I find comfort at the bottom of a drink.
I am dying slowly, when will you ever let me be free?

I really should stop talking,
And go back to the place we once called home.
Oh forgive me all my ramblings,
As you can tell, I'm partially stoned.
I don't think anyone is even listening,
But I still wanna hold on to that hope.
You always complained about my drinking,
And now that you're departed, my thirst has only grown,
Since you aren't here to make me atone.
I know I always tell you I'll stop coming,
We both know tomorrow I will still stand before your gravestone.

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The hardships of loss