My life was going swell, I was smiling with no worries.
Until this girl came to me, wanting to tell her stories.
She shared her past with me, experiences of being chained.
Seeing she was vulnerable, I sympathized with her pain.
I grew affection towards her, I wanted to make her well.
But little did I know, she’d make my heart a living hell.

Distracted from priorities, she was always on my mind.
That my friends reached for me, but then I left them behind.
I kept going for her, to make sure she felt flattered.
She caused me to lose sight, on the things that mattered.
I started to realize, she was playing me like a fiddle.
My emotions were being scrambled, like eggs on a griddle.
I’ve never been so blinded, getting lost in a trance.
Thinking to myself, that I actually had a chance.

As time went by, I eventually let her go.
Questioning myself, if I will find another though,
One that would also be...gravitational.

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