If I jump, I will fall.
Whether rich or poor,
Regardless of weight or size,
Gravity will reign supreme.
In a world of inequality and greed,
There is an element of balance.
And balance itself owes its existence to gravity.
The greatest kings and rulers are its subjects,
The weakest of men are just the same.
Gravity cares little for who, or what you are.
It simply acts with ultimate justice,
Free of favoritism, gravity rules.
Constant through time, it does not falter.
Gravity is justice.
Gravity is truth.
But I question truth.
I will test gravity’s resolve.
It has held me captive long enough.
With gravity, I am a slave.
Through gravity, I will be free.
Gravity is all I’ve known.
But I will know it no more.
I will defeat gravity, with gravity.
If I jump, I will fall.
If I fall, I am free.

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