great big Ocean

I’ve been sitting on a Seashell all night
I hope the Sea doesn’t haunt me now
Her rolling waves of chaos will follow me everywhere
Her sense of adventure will be enticing
She’ll make going for it in life irresistible
The Sea in front of us will be inviting
She’ll be calling us to her victory
Hopefully we won’t stay victims
The people who stay on land are a damn shame
Come let the Sea be your life’s shepherd
She’ll help you solve all your subconscious’ problems
She’ll make going for long lost dreams of yours her promises
The Sea, the Sea in front of us will be interlocking
She’s telling us not to forget we’re not separate
We’re no different than her most dangerous pirate
With the Sea, nothing in our minds is left private
She knows where we are like our ships are her floating cities
Her waves move along with our mind’s velocity
In the middle of her swirling, we feel overdone
Then she shows us land ahoy
We couldn’t be happier
But the Sea taught us something very precious
And no, sorry, it wasn’t the location of treasures
It was how to tell a good story
The Sea taught us how to go for our yearnings
Back at land, we had a story people wanted to hear
On the Sea, there was a dreaming drawing sketch artist
On the Sea, there was a dreaming intriguing storyteller
On the Sea, we lived our lives
On the Sea, she helped us remember who we were
Back at land, we made friends with Seashells
The small products of the great big Ocean were glad to hold our stories

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