Greater Pain

One who has always been happy has suddenly been very hurt
Life spins around swiftly,
They have no one left in the world
Says the one to another,
'How could you imagine the pain that I feel?'
With silence and comforting warmth they respond.
Let the first cry their heart on their shoulder

A third comes along much later and pulls one aside.
'You know how you cried on their shoulder and said those hurt words?
They said nothing to contradict you, offered comfort as you were hurt
Something you didn't know then, that maybe you should know now
By that time they had known greater pain than life's worth.
Abandoned by loved ones and strangers.
Physical, mental, emotional pain, they know what it's like to be hurt
'But they quietly held you close anyway, treating you with great care
Know that they understand you, that for you they will always be there
There's no need for you to feel guilt.
They don't want you to feel such remorse
They did it all for the best reason
They love you more than you've been hurt.'
That does not make our pain any less to love without pain, no one can
But lending others a hand can make us less unhappy,
So why don't we give it a chance.

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