Greatness to Inspire

Why I am still alive is a question that's on my mind
But then I realize my time hasn't expired
Because there is greatness to inspire
Maybe teach something to someone, show someone the way
I see you going astray just hold my hand, follow me part of the way
When you are where you need to be, if it's a must we can part ways
I alone can't put you on the right path
I alone can't change the world maybe I can inspire someone who can
But for now I will start with the person in the mirror
If I change myself, then maybe the people around me will change
And the people around them will change
I never said that I was perfect,
Some of the things in my past make the question come to mind again
And I realize again that my time hasn't been fulfilled
Every day I awake is a brand new day
Create my own future, learn from history and try not to repeat it
Live in the now, because tomorrow isn't promised
Don't worry about the presents that I receive,
But enjoy the presence of the ones around me
Life is what you make it
Every day that I awake and my time hasn't expired
Greatness comes to mind
And it's time to inspire

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