Is it greed?
For saying your my need ?
Am I selfish
Your intelligence is my favorite dish
I lost you
Wait I never had you
As I recite this poem
I see you
And now I’m citing it in your tone
Your voice repeating in my head
I feel like a drone
Is it greed ?
That it’s not me you need ?
I sensed this fire
Hoping we would be engulfed
Is that greed ?
I lust for your creative mind
You are one of a kind
I’ve been so petty
To the point it’s greedy
He must make you happy
I guess that has me in disarray
Feeling crappy
We aren’t in fire anymore
And I’m stuck in this ditch
Feelings a bitch
I’m trapped
Like a stick im snapped
I feel the need to be clapped
My heart been through barbwires
And through its past pain
You was my new desire
So excuse me for wanting this
I guess that’s where trust contradicts
Were we to
I could of been opposite
To make this fit
I thought
I sought
I fought
But if there was never us to be brought
Is it selfish to dream ?
Or nightmare ?
Maybe one day you could be my dear
Am I kidding I should beware
My biggest regret
Is not being able to swallow my pride
And to be friends
... is it greed that I didn’t want our paths to end
I see that I stayed engulfed
Not asking to be extinguish
I rather be dismissed

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This Poems Story

This poem expresses my greed of wanting what could of been between me and a woman .