She had a pulse but her parents cut the cord
Her death would cause great fortune, money they adored.
Their daughters death was less important
Than the money that would come
Their greed made them blind to what they had done.
They pushed her down the stairs thinking she would die
When the police asked what happened they would have to tell a lie;
The girl must have tripped while getting out of bed
But little did the cops know
Her parents wished her dead.
Nurses felt her beating heart and rushed to a white room
The girls parents tagged along knowing death would come soon.
When the doctors closed the door the mom and dad gave her a hug,
Thanked her for their income, and slowly pulled the plug.
They soon got a check for insurance of her death
Then turned on each other; a greedy, bloody mess.
Greed has no mercy and money doesn't care,
You kill your only daughter, then your spouse to be fair.

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