She picks up the crayon, a color labelled green
Her hands tremble, a tear tries to outrun her terribly clear memory
History flashes before her eyes
Nobody here knows the story of what made her this way
The darkness, the struggle made her the beaten girl she is today
Once undone both the girl and the crayon reveal the green pigment
Emerald envy courses through the girl's blood
Jealousy towards those who weren't torn apart and exposed
His jungle green eyes camouflaging his true intentions
Her once innocent face still hosts reminders of the beatings
She wouldn't follow his commands no matter what he threw at her
For she was a pawn in his scheme of the moment
And that's all she would ever be
A concerned peer questions her, the girl's face has paled
Her body on the verge of exploding
She must not let a past play a role in her future
She pushes down her uneasiness
And signals to the student that she is fine
An uncomfortable mask of lies scratches at her face
But she knows if she confided in them
They couldn't comprehend the horror that came with the color green
For green is a false color of spring and new beginnings
And to most that's all it would ever be

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