Green-Eyed Wonderland

Your sun graced home
The rustle of branches surrounds me
Tucked inside immense forests
With trails spreading all directions
Leading to backwoods with little sun or rain
Hiding creatures of imagination
Wordlessly stirring in endeavors of survival
I still know not every corner that exists
I wander to edges and am confronted with
White beaches and white-capped waves
That compel me to stay here
Tracing the ridges and ravines
Feeling the ebb and flow of breath from this land
A green-eyed wonderland
Your warm residence
Holds beauty in rays of twilight
But grows wondrous in sight of the night's bright star
Chilly is the air, that tempers heat of the lands embrace
Gazing upwards at fields of light
Every one of those speckled spots shimmers
Clamoring for attention, devoid of description
For someone shall ask, and why here is this star?
What meaning is held, a story, do tell
It all is appealing, yet none quite revealing
The source of that majesty
That covers these hills

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