Green Eyes

A tree in full bloom,
An obscure enigma colored youthful.
An ocular orifice to the truths and lies of life.
A beautiful forest just before autumn,
Diverting attention from the obvious.
From the insignificant.

A season of hope,
Bringing with it the showers of doubt,
Preceding a colder, more colorful division of despair.
A more beautiful sphinx i have never known.
A more wondrous mold i will never know.
A more spectacular cast i cannot know.

To contemplate the homogeneous aspirations,
To regard the heterogeneous axioms.
None of these are conceivable,
None of these are plausible.
All of these are necessary.

How to proceed despite the barriers.
How to describe that which is beyond human language.
I see no end.
But there was no beginning.
There is no path blooming with spring flowers,
No beautiful letdowns to lead us on.
No guarantee of success,
No acceptance of rejection.

Mutual drive,
Detached emotions.
Past follies leave us cleaved,
Future disappointments leave us ill-enchanted.
Put aside your fears,
Lay down your cares.
Take a leap of faith and fly carefree.

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