Green is Born

By Reverie   

As spring arrives,
The grass glows,
The wind blows,
The flowers bloom,
And the bees once again zoom.

All the animals come out,
Once again in symphony,
And the joy spreads, even to me,
To see the trees green,
And the bird wing's sheen.

Green is born unto the world,
Once again the leaves shall unfurl,
And the birds take flight, taking a whirl
And spread new life to the world around,
And the nature and joy that was once unfound.

The joy was still around, as the white blanket was present,
But now the happiness is much more evident,
As there are more friends to share it with,
The bunnies, the squirrels, the birds, the bees,
They share the joy with the grass and the trees.

The green breaks forth from the ground underfoot,
And makes the world exit its time of mute,
No longer will the world be the color of soot.
Now the birds shall twitter, the bees shall buzz,
The water will trickle, and the green grass: soft fuzz.

And it all comes down to this one thing,
That nature will rejoice, its inhabitants sing,
The joy that surmounts shall ring, and shall ring,
That their God is still there, that He's their creator,
And Jesus is present, Our Lord and Our Savior.

That we all join in this festive celebration,
And all together, come and we'll praise Him,
And now with our friends altogether in occasion
Altogether we pronounce Him as The One,
Who has already redeemed us, and already has won.

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This poem reflects on nature's beauty, and how all of creation rejoices and praises their one Creator.