Green Lacewings

Long midnight skies.
Eye filled with stars.
And cuts that form into waterfalls.
The wind is dancing in a white dress.
Gladiolus covered with green lacewings.
Tears of the sky begin to fall.
The white roses are all disappearing.
Their petals scattered all over.
Waterfalls are becoming more and more plentiful.
The colorless sun keeps the stars hidden.
The midnight sky fades into red.
A world trapped in endless tears.
Gladiolus vanish from this world.
Green lacewings looking for more.
The colors are all disappearing.
They just eats and eats.
The green lacewings found another flower to violate.
But the wind has grown tired of dancing.
And it dies without a trace.
But no one cares.
She's gone, and no one cares to find out why.
The murder is still painting the world.
The rapists is still looking for flowers.
The green lacewings are still eating.

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