To which one found in time there is one doom
at last a bloom of flowers devoured by vermin. It came to past the question is how soon no answer in that quest to test.

I never knew efface with guarded trust to much wasted time.
I never do sometimes in the blue moon with whom a heart broken has to prepare that now down. Is tome are lost without who? No one well hell is my home alone taking in the world news in my best friend is cool of the enemy glued.

Uninformed Christians call him a lair rude callous who is strong through the nude arts. Begin with an s and end with an end. The sins of man and woman to know understand God believers as I am not one of them that are a Christian bible reader.

Understand that place of land begin did no repentance to be giving to glorified die the Goth alike believe with big nuts. Death over life with an advantage point is able to win the paradigm conjuring affectionate mating ritual.

After some search yet again for the romance that is in climatic spin not growing book descending; into a control losing hold of my brain worshipped the grey skies I have not been sane representation of so many came.

For so long taken out of my lane the fantasy seems to be misplaced then it brings displeased behavior characterized by silence. As I do find a way when the aim is to be in a grave complacency I not entirely the phrase yes now it's gone. Red stone I have one my life being mute this poem.

Just remember its back and forward thoughts ping pong along a fine print living in.

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The figurative dark aspects of things involving religious demise are written in formations.