Grey Skies

A walk down the street, would set the tone
Grey skies, Heavy sighs, no banks to loan
Economy down, as well as the folk
A great nightmare, but no one awoke
Famished bodies, in search of food
Desperate times and darkened moods
Hope among people, could only be said
It was not felt, in these times of dread
The 1920's were a time of progression
Followed soon after, was the great depression
These are the conditions, that spread worldwide
The frightening situation was magnified
As a nation, almost all was lost
Restoration was vital, even at all costs
The American life, would be revived
A demanding challenge, but our country survived
What is now just a reflection, of the past,
In some sort of book, or in some sort of class,
was once a time of great desperation
Affecting lives upon lives, in more than one nation

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