Grief Speaks

I'm known as "mental anguish" that can bring great pain.
You visit me often, as you stroll down memory lane.
You'll find me in the slow turn of calendar pages-
Gently reminding you that a dead loved one never ages.
A holiday once cherished and shared with love
now brings despair or questioning the above.
A song, a smell, an image long stored away-
A sudden memory summons me any old day.
In an instant I can bring you to your knees,
Just as effortlessly as the wind sways the trees.
There are those who fear me and fight me.
Other poor souls try to ignore me and slight me.
If you have loved and lost you cannot get around me.
There is no alternate route-no way out but through me.
Those who've traveled me well, come out the other side.
Tear-streaked cheeks over time indeed dried.
Through the crying and drying of tears I revealed truth.
Though at times my methods felt very uncouth.
I teach the lesson of cherishing time given.
Neglecting to do so just can't be forgiven.
Everything can and does change in an instant.
The future you put off just isn't that distant.
Those who've traveled me well, come out the other side
No longer willing to ever let love hide.
I bring a reminder that is a most honest gift.
Life is not permanent-with your love be swift.

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