Grievous Cavern

Find me here
In this dark cave where I encounter refuse
Down this drug of sadness that I offer
Make it hammer your heart and deaden its cadence
Let it shield you from the disappointment
wandering apathetic in this world,
conquering dreams, sobering idealists...
Feel the warmth of remorse
as its fiery tendrils light my cavern of despair
Feed it not wood but happiness
Who is meretricious in her promises
Seducing, yet devoid of sweet romance
Bah! Feed her to the fire
Where all memories are melted red
Good or bad, what burns strong is but gloomy warmth

How long have I toiled in this cave? I cannot recall
For in anguish time is lost, life moves along as misery pins you to a wall
Leaving you stranded on an empty platform
while passengers board a train to the future
For how can one entertain life's journey when grief is so vain?
Forcing you to fixate only on its tragic beauty
The rest of the world passing by in blurs of missed chaos
Yes here in this cave, there exists no night or day
Sounds of birds and leaves in the wind
Are traded for echoes of my tears
Rebounding like bullets, striking my heart with agony's cry
Oh! How my mind rides erratic coasters
Dizzying anxiety locks me in nauseous stupor
My thoughts race, fancing aspirations that will never transpire
But my heart is never relieved, never lightened by imagination's solace

Where is this darkness born? How has it come to plague my macerated soul?
When I look to blame I look to the world
Tormeneted by cataclysm that consumes my perception
For as I think on the poverty, the disparity, the greed and the vice
I think too on how hopeless existence is in a society where unity is void
Where scrutinty and judgement are habitual
Where insecurities run rampant under smattery eyes
And thus I flee from this torture
To a realm where I am my worst enemy
While battles rage between masses overseas
Mine wages alone, one of mind against heart
Their strife fuels the fire which in turn fuels my tears
Oh! This vicious cycle shall never disappear
So will we meet one day friend? Will you join in the fun?
For indeed, sadness is lonely entertainment...
In this perpetual cavern of grievous despair

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Rumination on sadness and its consumption of the mind