Born from fertile earth
To soar on wings of feeling
Crystal clear and full of mirth
One flap disperses clouds from seeing.
Amber flax entwines her heart
Her fearsome roar melts icy resistance
And becomes a blissful whisper
My being warmed by her presence.
Roses sprout where she treads
Joy follows everywhere she goes
Tinting all experience with shades of red
Like billowing locks and misty sunset flows.
Cool oceanic swirling azure eternity
Piercing eyes sharp like shards of glass
She looks but sees no unity
I fall to pieces within her gaze.
Dancing for me with elegant resound
In fields of emerald and jade
Her kindness knows no bounds
Until all desires to rest have been laid.
I am drawn in to her web
The ivory strands that end all thought
Fearful death now draws near
Blissful end of all that I have brought.
Jet black night devours all, I am no more
Becoming her - none else.

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