Grimm Beauty

With so many ways to look like a beauty,
I don't mind to treat my body with cruelty.
To most of you, I'll look grim.
But I'll just be pale and thin.
I can just stick my finger down my throat.
You won't notice my sickness behind a coat.
I can inject into my arm,
A liquid that'll probably cause much harm.
I can go days without eating,
but another side affect will be no sleeping.
I can get a knife and trim the fat.
I'll turn thin, just like that!
Sure, I'll eat just a few.
But it'll come back up real soon.
I could go on a liquid diet,
The urge to eat, I'll fight it!
I could smoke a little crystal,
And will soon become beautiful.
I'll be thin with hallow cheeks.
I'll be ill, but look so sleek.
I could snort a little white,
Oh! I'll be such a sight!
My body may be dying,
But to look beautiful, I won't stop trying!
My heart may be giving up,
But I haven't done enough!
With the last of my will,
At least I'll die beautiful...

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