Grotesque Lullaby

Approached by a bleak and dismal entity,
Who murmurs a cascade of elegant tunes,
A serene somnolent lullaby,
Uttered with the guarantee of unending euphoria,
Thus beguiled in the assurance of an indefinite elixir,
Stricken into a state of everlasting delirium,
An eternal hysteria,
Grasping for evanescent reality in vain.
The wisps of that lullaby materialize around you,
Such a sedative melody,
Arising within you not the deception of rationality,
But the actuality of forfeited sanity.
The dreary entity departs,
Shadowed by the unhinging wisps of the song,
Conceived to craze, dement, and derange,
Call it a grotesque lullaby.

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