My sisters,
I sometimes wonder if our colorful suits are as lively as us who wear them
If the pigment is as rich as our history
If every thread was spun like our ancestors who danced in the candlelight
If every jewel shines as bright as the village sweetheart on her wedding day
If evert bangle jingles like the simple laughter of children running through the streets as it rained

And like those children, I am comforted by the rain
Each drop is a kiss, a reminder of the times I was free of modern conflict
When I was genuinely warmed by the cold chairs in my grandparents’ home
A home that felt as natural as the sun bidding farewell to the pooling moon, hugging the clouds
Hugging like arms I wish I had to absorb all the damage that this world has tried to inflict in you

Be as forgiving as the skies after a storm
Be as unapologetic as the thunder leaving everyone in fear of strike
Because like the sky you are vast, holding the potential to light endless acres of land
Do not be the temporary flowers that wash away with every season, but rather be the roots that stay grounded after every obstacle ever to come

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