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No space to roam
No space to breath
We stick together in groups of three
No where to hide
No where to run
People think lots of friends is so much fun
But how wrong they could be
For they don't truly see what it's like to be me
Expectations everyday
So much makeup to put away
Places to go things to see
None of them really care about me
Always show me how to be
They don't let me be me
Everyday every night have to dress and look alike
There's never a break when you're me
But this is the way it has to be
As long as they are still friends with me
It has to happen or I'll be kicked out
No one wants to be without
So I stay and play along with their games
Even though it causes me pain
Now you know what it's like to be me
Always hanging out in groups of three
Not being me

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    People think they have to change because they want to fit in and be popular but in reality that will get you nowhere in life. They should find friends who appreciate them the way they are. You shouldn\'t have to change to fit someone else\'s image.