Grow Wilted Flower Grow!

Most beautiful seed...
Glistening with gold specks, rainbow tones, and ruby flakes
You should have seen me!
I was given the finest water from mountain springs...
brought from hand, from waterfalls from faraway lands
I grew...
I grew...
The sun shined so bright upon my like all the love in the universe.
I BLOOMED! and I was so magnificent.
My petals where tie dyed with all the hopes of the world...
Each petal a lesson I stood for...
The lessons stood for truth, justice, peace, acceptance,
understanding, mercy, forgiveness...and in the center LOVE.
Everyone walked by and marveled, they oohed and ahhed...
But they soon forgot to water me
Slowly I wilted, raindrops kept me alive, they cried for me
Everyone just shook their head...
and said what a shame I should have learned to grow on my own.
I was fragile, I was different.
Soon I was forgotten
A gardener came and saw the raw beauty of what was
He tended every day to me and slowly I grew again
I healed, and became stronger, and more vibrant than I ever had been
I now represented courage, strength, determination, regrowth, and joy
Everyone was ashamed they had given up on me...when really I was
MAGNIFICIFICANT! and it took a simple gardener to see.

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