Growing Alive

I have to stick around to watch you cut your hair so I can hate it. So I can become friends with your first love and then hate them with you when you inevitably breakup. I'll say "you're way too good for them anyway" and "hey you always have me"

I have to stick around to watch my siblings grow up. Get glasses and boyfriends and bad grades. I need to watch us grow old together. I need to watch my parents grow old with each other, their hands growing small and lined with blue veins like tree roots as they hold each other.

I need to stay alive so we can save the bees, change the laws, and become better people. I want to stay to see your hair cut. I want to watch the lines form around our eyes. The tree roots grow on our hands, and enjoy the time we are given together. Together and apart.

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This Poems Story

This piece of spoken word is my way of promising my best friend i will stay alive. that i will will let the tree roots grow on my hands and not welcome death so quickly.