Growing Pains

In a way, I wish I never met her.
That way, I would have my own life to live
but every day, I wake up; thankful to have done so;
brush my teeth, look at the world
and see everything that she wants to be
all of her wishes, her dreams
in place of mine.
Life is cruel sometimes
the way it places to objects in motion
that regrettably tend to stay in motion
like the ocean, ever flowing
ever growing
never settling, where they ought to.
That is what is so hard
at the end of the day
the sky is still gray
and I hope that
I may
be the one to make her stay
refuse the ocean and its motion,
run away.
But until that day
I will continue to wake up to the sun
brush my teeth, look at the world
until two stories become
irrevocably one.

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