Growing to Be Destroyed Again

A corpse with rotting flowers budding from my esophagus,
from all the seeds of words
I had never managed to speak

Syllables forming stems and sentences sprouting upon leaves,
writing tragedies upon beauty,
as you did to me

I used to be a dandelion,
composed of childhood wishes
rooted firmly in soil,
dancing with the breeze

You plucked me from the ground,
brought me close to your lips,
blowing away every desire I'd ever had, with one breath

Stripping me of my innocence,
my sense of purpose,
leaving me flowerless,
for your own amusement

Now I lay decaying,
growing tulips and orchids
from words unspoken,
striving to grow, to poke out of the soil,
just to be close to your lips
once again

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