Growing Up

In childhood I fought off scores of evil orcs and greedy goblins
In childhood I claimed the treasure of thousands of dragons
In childhood I saved damsel upon damsel
In childhood I gave my life a thousand times for invisible friends
In childhood I knew the right from the wrong
In childhood the trees spoke to me and I listened and argued
In childhood everything was beautiful
In childhood everyone was a new friend
In childhood life was simple

When I'm older life will be different
When I'm older friends won't be so apparent
When I'm older everything will look grey
When I'm older the trees will keep their secrets
When I'm older evil won't be so obvious
When I'm older I will only have one life to give for real friends
When I'm older the damsel will probably save me
When I'm older the treasure might not be mine to keep
When I'm older the orc might just be misunderstood

But when I'm older I hope I have the bravery I had in childhood

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