Growing wings

By Moza   

Mountains peaks bend to share the light.
Hills slopes reflect the golden grass.
Flowers blooming grow dense petals.
As the day breaks pigeons in pairs fly.

Patiently sending us to the final day,
the lonely Earth in silence steady remains,
but the seemingly everlasting Sun will age!
If I ever get to see this world with clear eyes,
only to catch a short glimpse of it,
I would feel eternally content!
Why judge life by its length?

History's memory is leaking,
show me the whole event!
I will hear with full delight,
how people forgotten for ages,
can come back to life!

Passing through this bridge,
we kick down the guilt,
as if our sins vanished in air.
My legs walked away.
My brains left in haste!
Who is it?
Who gets decisions in my place?
I am left in the middle of this street,
wondering why my thoughts messed?

Between the will and anger,
I never knew,
which one took the lead,
so I cut their ties.
Now my will flies,
my anger dissipates!
Even the heart begs to get out!
Where do you want to go?
No other parts of this body will fit you,
neither will the outside world!
Disappointed, drowns in tears,
in agony stares!

Shall there come a new wind,
I will blow with it,
dragging my half-parts,
I will rush to soak my heart,
In eternal spring!
I will wait for my breath,
To grow wings!
And fly through enchanting sounds!
Thrilled by the never ending melody!
Who is the caller?
Tears became waterfall!

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Key Words : world, bridge, guilt, will,

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