Growl by Ayo Okikiolu

Grrr… Grrr… The creature rears its head,
with a growl that could melt a mountain
and eyes that could pierce the seas.
The creature moves through the crowd,
with a predator spirit
that strikes fear in the hearts of the great beasts.
It wishes the path be parted,
It wishes the ways be cleared,
It wishes humans could leave it in peace.
It turns around from behind the Costco counter.
It is a man. It is an angry man
whose actions from then on have no gain.

His thoughts only exist,
not to solve his problems,
but to make him even angrier.
It is a man, who at this moment erupts
With the unending lava
of Mt. Vesuvius flooding Pompei;
At best, he is only another creature
In the masses of creatures,
we have redefined to call humanity.
Primal. Beastly. He growls.

Yet he doesn’t
Change a single thing.

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