Slow and steady,
Gradual and straining.
Growth comes so silently that I don't even realize,
Don't even notice what's just occurred within.
Perseverance and the constant drive to be a better person.
The changes become the norm.
And the norm is routine.
Then the structure of consistency pays off.
the result is a joyfulness I have never known.
That's growth.
Happiness without being chemically induced.
Peace of mind with a sound heart.
Seeing beauty in all thats around me.
And living my life in love.
Even the collateral beauty in the bad situations God brings me threw.
I can honestly say, for me the growth is having genuine friends around me.
Encouraging me, pushing me to do good.
Laughing with me till we snort and cry.
Growth is not having nightmares on a regular basis.
Not having panick attacks daily.
And growth is testifying in front of my abuser, and feeling empowered.
And all this time I didn't feel this growth untill all at once.
Catching me off gaurd.
I feel proud and blissful.
Grateful and blessed I owe it to God's strength.
So, slow and steady,
Gradual and straining, is how growth happened for me, a crazy addict.

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