Guard the Door

It's calm and silent, There's a cool night air
Balancing on the edge of sleep, My mind takes me "there"
It starts off bright, a flash of a happy past
But the faces slowly change, the light doesn't last
It starts to get dim, As the memories play
And the faces once happy, Soon fade away
Next comes thoughts of loss, Ones thought to be set free
Darker still it gets, As my mind closes in on me
Sadness is overcome, But what takes its place is fear
I can see the door, I see it growing near
The door I never open, the one deep inside
Where all my deepest fears live, the place I have to hide
The place where I keep,The worst things I've seen
Things I wish could be forgotten, Things that should've never been
As I look closer still, I see the door crack
Fear is replaced with panic, I have to get back
A sudden gasp for breath, And I'm jolted awake
Back to cold reality, My body starts to shake
The door stayed closed this time, Just another close call
If I let that door swing open, Who knows how deep I'd fall
I take a deep breath, Trying to calm my racing heart
Trying to regain some composure,Trying not to fall apart
Every time this happens, I'm shaken to my core
I can never let it open,I have to guard the door

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