The stone carvings stand tall with pride,
A name engraved on a single side.
Each has a story of someone who died,
The gloom washed away from a river of tears cried.
This ground that my feet stand on,
Is the last hope of a dad, sister, or mother?
It's where someone gave away their loving older brother.
Here is where we surrender our shells to the hollows of the earth,
Then cover them up with dust, mud, and dirt.
I however, won't lose my grandpa to this tragedy,
He lives on forever, deep down inside of me.
Everyone here that lies under my soles,
Has only lost their bodies not their souls.
They still roam around you; their hearts still the same,
They love every one of you, and know you all by name.
You see my grandpa may have passed,
But his last breath was not his last,
He lives again far away from here,
Yet every day I feel him near.
He is my guardian angel,
You have one too.
Whether it's a relative or stranger,
They still care about you.
Whenever you're feeling angry, down, or blue,
Remember your guardian angel is watching over you.

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