Guardian Angel

I dream of a day when at last my chains will be broken-
My spirit liberated.
Here I stand stuck in a world where I continue to lie and cheat,
Where I continue to make promises I can't keep.
The weight of living has proven its almighty hold on humanity,
But most of all on me.
I am not scared of its power-
Of the grasp it holds on me.
As it clenches its hands against my throat,
Or acts as the noose around my neck,
I fear not,
For my savior is near.
In my times of need, he has been here-
Some say you don't need to see things to believe their existence.
But I say that seeing is believing.
I trust me when I say I can see him.
I see him in his eyes,
Taste him in his lips,
Feel him at his touch.
Miracles don't just happen;
They take time,
But the years I spent waiting deamed themselves worthy
When at last
My guardian angel fell upon me.

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