She took a heart made out of cold
She took the heart and made it gold
She took some caution, when leaving love
Yet one day had been really tough
She tried to warm a frozen heart
He stole her love, broke her apart
She couldn't love. she couldn't think
This type of healing no one can bring
She fell away into a hole
And then became extremely cold...
And so they say many hearts she froze
When she became the one they loathe
They hated her guts, they hated her skin
They would not stop hating, through thick and thin
And so she fell into a spiral...
Until she was saved by one admirer
It was the cold-hearted beast that once had been hated
They shared bad times, but then they dated
He loved her so much and followed her ways
Of warming a heart it took many days
But one day she awoke, she laughed and smiled
She screamed to the world, "I am alive!"
The two went on to fight for lives
To help one another through very tough times
And though it was hard the love prolonged
If you love someone, please stay strong!

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