Guardians Of The Knight

Guardians of the night
You come to visit my house of pain
Peering into my window of sorrow
Strength has escaped its encampment

Diligently I seek for understanding
But my light is hidden
Beneath the floor boards of discomfort
I travel as a wandering man
From the east to the west
In search for a friend
From the north to the south
For together we become the Guardians of the Night

Carrying our swords of enlightenment
With crazed terminology
That only a spoken word artist understands
And with our outspoken insanity
We feed your mind with knowledge
And a never ending urged hunger for more

Collectively we represent
Those who fear an audience of cynicism
And bring peace and light
From our experienced expressed thoughts
You discover delight

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    This Poems Story

    We watchers and spoken word artists speak on behalf of those as well as ourselves of the plight we endure and our silent tongue unable to utter a word of how our hearts feel.