Feared by mankind's evil; sought out by the meek
The savior of children; when their lives appear bleak

Ready to leap into action; whenever danger is near
You won't see them fleeing; no matter their fear

They come in all sizes; all races and creed's
They run towards danger; when others choose to recede

When called upon to be warriors; they answer the call
Some will trip and stumble; others may forever fall

They are brothers and sisters; whom will always be there
Each must pick up the torch; even when no one seems to care

They will protect our country's future; our simple way of life
Kissing their loved one's goodbye; whether a husband or a wife

Their children will struggle; to understand why
They willing lay down their life; knowing their families will cry

For strangers who are scared; they are ready to leap
To jump into battle; when others comfortably sleep

The next guardian you see; please stop and say hello
For if they do not protect us; society's evil will surely grow

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This Poems Story

The inspiration for this poem comes from a 36 year old career in law enforcement. Twenty-one of those years are in the US Air Force and the past 15 years were in public safety law enforcement. The perception of law enforcement may appear to be negating when in reality it is as strong as ever. Thank you everyone for your continued support.