Every time guests visit..
I peep from the window to seek who is it
The beloved ones are welcomed happily
and for others I rush to my room and sit.

The children accompanying them are mostly annoying ,
touching and using all the belongings.
But I can't scold them as my parents are watching.

They suspect the house with high curiosity,
spilling the food and making the room dirty.
Scribbling , creating mess and being carefree
damn ....I cleaned it last week!

If I accidentally face the elders,
I am served with several interrogations
"Where you have been?"
"You were too young when last seen."

And before I could mumble anything
They cheerfully ask about my grades
either to mock at me
or to flaunt their own kid's

Thereafter a vast discussion and opinions on every highlight they could
It's now a gracious time for them to leave
My head feels better
And my soul is relieved

Practicing the same formality of giving me money while departing,
Wait.. here I have to recall some rules....
First I deny them once or twice .
Second I look at my mother whether she is angry or nice.

Finally leaving them till the door
(Ah..! great soothing moment)
"What a great evening!"
"Happily awaits for your next arriving"
" (not really)".....

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