The guilt consumes me like a fire,
Every new memory remembered,
Only makes the flames grow higher.
The inability to fix something broken,
A lack of control became awoken,
And the words that went unspoken.
Now how to live with the pain,
Of knowing you are to blame,
Driving me to the point of insane.
How to rid thyself of this shame,
No sense of a chance of vindication,
Things can't ever be the same.
Live in constant self-deprivation,
Is it pride that prevents my healing,
Or is this the deserved justification.
To believe there is life after all this,
Despite the lack of reconciliation,
Well that would be just pure bliss.
How I wish I could live in ignorance,
Of what I did and what I became,
Instead I live in shackled cognizance.
With the daunting knowledge of guilt,
It tore down my once strong foundation,
Everything I worked for that was built,
Gone, now thanks to this guilt.

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