Pain was the feeling not even knowing then
That my life was now changing from the way things had been
Confused and not understanding why the pain felt so bad
Seeking answers from God was the only hope I had
My heart begin to empty when I started too understand
When the doctors finally said, " we've done all we can."
Then my body went numb and I could barley speak
I tried fighting back the tears but I was just too weak
How can something so special go away so fast
How am I suppose to forget it and leave it in my past
I was guilty. Guilty of loving too soon
Our unborn child was slowly leaving the womb
I was guilty. Guilty of blaming myself
A tiny bit of hope was all I had left
I was guilty. Guilty of being so angry inside
The tears soon became harder for me to hide
It happens to so many people is what they all told me
What they didn't understand is my life was at its peak
I married the man of my dreams and he always talked about having kids
I was happy that I fulfilled his wishes for the short time that I did
First time in my life that someone had changed my mind
About making a family that I could call mine
I am guilty. Guilty of not realizing it was a blessing
For God makes no mistakes and to love all life's lessons

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