I'm hurting I'm in pain.
I've prayed for God to save me, this pain is taking over.
I'm begging, I'm crying, I'm screaming and shouting!
Oh Lord! What have I done?
Why is this happening to me?
Am I reaping what I sow?
Have the tables turned on me?
What goes around comes around.
I'm guilty! Guilty of hate, bitterness.
That broken hearted girl! Oh that's me.
He did me wrong I come to repay.
But that's me. Guilty! Guilty of lying, guilty of not being myself.
But I loved them! He never loved me!
I wasn't never good enough.
I was lost but needed to be found.
Always pointing the finger I had my faults.
But there I go!
Again leaning on my own understanding.
Instead of God's.
Guilty! Guilty of enabling myself.
Iget in my own way.
Guilty knowing the truth but not living it.
Guilty of being the fool just to feel generic love.
Guilty is my nickname!
My heart is uncomfortable with the feelings of guilt.
My mind is comfortable with the feelings of anxiety.
Lost girl heart filled with guilt learning to walk by faith.
No more of those guilty days.
Now my heart and mind is filled with faith.

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