Guilty by Association

Cats can eat dead people, which is funny to think about
because cats always look guilty for some reason
"the cat that swallowed the canary" and all that jazz
But that canary might have been human flesh
How positively morbid, and yet how curious that
we find it so appalling that something inhuman,
an animal, could dehumanize a human

Only humans can dehumanize humans!
It's in the rules!

That's what wars are for, in which cats and other players
are not allowed; it's all a game to blow a hole
through a faceless chest to prove your pride
and all that jazz-but do you not grow tired?

You get older and wiser and learn that cats eat dead people,
but no one seems to understand that the inhuman
had someone who called him John, someone who called him Johnny,
someone who called him Dear, and someone who calls him Daddy

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