Guilty [July 19, 2016]

Shackled by the guilt of another
He stares at the blank wall, devoid of any color
Bleak walls of stone surround his entire being
Everyday he stands trial, taking another man's beating

For in this world, they promise you innocence before guilt
But instead, you are taken prisoner for a crime you didn't commit
Guilt before innocence in a world surrounded by lies
Another rots in a prison, suffering a liar's demise

Corruption and greed, faking innocence
The wealthy overpower the poor and innocent
Hands tainted, stained with blood from their citizens
The government ignores its flaws, feigns ignorance

One by one, the guilty stand undefeated and tall
As yet another prisoner is laid to rest, staring at those walls
A banner of truth and justice, corrupted by greed
Taxes and money lay to waste in the land of the free

He walks down a hallway of falsehood, filled with pain and regret
Thinking of the life he could have had, the time he could have spent
They open an iron door and lead him into an empty room with a chair
As he is sentenced to death, the guilty walk free without a care

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