By Da Poet   

It was an ordinary morning in every way,
as Geoffrey set out to begin his day.
He locked the door to his house,
got in his car as he set out.

Following his daily routine as he drove down the street,
he noticed a neon sign flashing, Winners Elite.
Curious to see what this was all about,
he pulled his car over, parked then he jumped out?

Now the windows were dark tinted, the entrance had no view,
and as he opened the door he had no clue?
As he stepped through the door a voice said,
hello come on in, welcome to Winners Elite, it’s time to win.

As he sat down at the table and as the psychic read his palm,
some interesting things were found as psychic read on.
I see in the near future long life, you live long,
and acquired riches in a place, Land of the Morning Calm.

You inherit a palace with twenty rooms throughout,
and personal private lear jet made by Boeing & Strauss.
You’ll have a butler, chef, maids, a complete staff,
and even gayca girls to give you a bath.

Now all you have to do for this dream to come true,
is surrender your house, your car, and $40,000.00 in revenue.
Geoffrey thought it over, then signed as he scratched his head,
the next morning when he came to collect, the psychic was dead.


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