Gunna & Yousta

Gunna & Yousta
Gunna was the biggest bird, of course, he was the rooster.
His favourite hen, the little one, was known to all as Yousta.
She laid the eggs and hatched the chicks, his role was that he goosed her.
Now you may think that of the two, he had the easy job
But don’t forget the other hens of which there was a mob.
He couldn’t love them all you see, but still, he did his duty
He’d mount them one by one in turn regardless of their beauty.
When Yousta had a clutch of chicks, she’d spurn him like all mothers
And so, he’d tactfully transfer his loving to the others.
She didn’t mind, and never even wished that he had brothers.
She really was a noble bird and loved her good man Gunna
With never any abject thoughts of trying to do a runner.
He in response, would always keep his mind and thoughts upon her
Even when some other hen would offer him her honour.
What Gunna did behind closed doors, to Yousta didn’t matter
He always seemed to be on hand when wanted by the latter,
So she would turn upon her heel and close her ears to chatter.
She never asked him not to crow, for fear of waking chickens,
And he would never rant and rave and ask her “What the Dickens”!
They lived their lives in harmony and had their share of pleasure.
He’d goose her sometimes just for fun, when he was at leisure.
His name implied his aims I guess, or so the story’s told.
And Penny was called Yousta only after she got old.

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This Poems Story

The first poem I ever wrote. Just playing with the very common terms "going to" and "used to".