The misunderstanding of amendment number two,
Puts all our lives at risk the many and the few.
The forefather never imagined the carnage they allowed
When a shooter with a legal gun enters a crowd
Reading the headlines of mass killings, too many
The death count keeps rising, there should not be any
The right wing mantra, is you'll never take our guns
Never a concern for the deaths of our daughters and sons
This country would be better if guns didn't exist
And if laws were stronger, no slaps on the wrist.
You don't need an assault rifle to protect your own
Weapons of war on the streets death toll has grown
More guns cannot make this a safer Nation to live
Both sides need to be willing to take and to give
Lawful owners should not fear their background checks
It's those who mean us harm these laws effect
In California and Texas, Virginia and Ohio this year
NRA takes a stand when they should shed a tear
Enough is Enough, we have to shout till it's heard
Melt down all those weapons should be the final word.

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