Gunshot after gunshot
I Pray There’ll be a Change
People say there won’t be
Because money runs everything

Isn’t that sad, we claim to reign
But when it gets to tight around our neck
We drop and change
We switch up and get up
And forgot about our promises
Those 17 killed
Were all just broken promises
But as long as there’s cash,
We can afford to dash
Afford the heart breaks and attacks
The feud, the hate, the pain, can afford all that
Just cover your ears when you hear

Gunshot after gunshot
I say there’ll be a change
Everybody says there won’t be
because money runs everything

They’re saying Give it time, why you rushing
Gun Laws shouldn’t Change
Look to the Presidents saying the same thing
White house will fight and fight
Put up a good front
Saying they care, saying they care for us
We see em on tv, thinking they’re arguing for us
Like “mom, they’re fighting for us!”
Then bam...nothing happens, I hear

Gunshot after gunshot
I know there’ll be no change
It’s all because money runs everything
Why didn’t these deaths make one change
I guess life isn’t as priceless as they say


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