Gurdian Eyes Of Evil The Sequel

I'm alone known greater, greater known a stapler trapped among slapped in the red zone able.
A dead stone nothing to no satisfaction the fact is.
I bleed action in stabbing cat kid reaction it dashing cutting flashing
looking at it.

It's that I miss not even lasting me infinite in my dread malignant anguish
dark day mad under skies of grey scattered hell raised
lighting display of darkness the affection
It's none with thunder on its way hitting me every day in my brain.
This would help the pain always there
it stay love not is asking stranded but bonded with someone satanic demented
the wicked angel it's her.

We drink lunch together we are one and it is not me she seek.
It's under here is a lease of dead apparitions the signature sign of it
and be free increase his well-being.
It's to you wicked angel, me is me, and you is not me concentrated in realms of burden circumstance.
There it goes beneath who screams manic of real for years
out of mania onto you the wicked angel.

You wicked angel the singer witch entity demonic possessed blended it gleam
of course to show no remorse of source not known spirit none.
The rented took not it souls last vanished branded with a mark not a heart it falls
to crawl even stall.

It's onto me she has to see it complete discrete hiding under dried
black velvet silk sheets of darkness pinned pardon
the guardian.
I'm caught sucked been a life my kite hit the ground with no sound.
I'm down trying to come up stuck.

It's a fuss give up what?
It's nothing I got in the slot machine the winning three casinos.

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