She’s A World Of Contradictions

By JennB   

Maybe I concocted her. Was she real? I suppose so.
It wasn’t drug nor drink that made me think, she was here just a minute ago.
How long has she been gone? I’m not sure. When was the last time she was here?
It’s a haze, a maze, and makes me feel crazed. I can’t answer your questions I fear.
Songs have been sung about her. She’s a siren, a myth, a dream.
She rode into my life on lightning, all frightening. And gone just as quick it seems.
Words won’t do her justice, Though many men have tried and failed.
If you’ve met her you know, she changes you so. We all have the same story to tell.

She is a force of nature—a disaster, a wonder, a sight.
She a hurricane, a tornado. Forgive me for being so trite.
She’s a world of contradiction—yen and yang, the good and the bad.
She’s mystical, magical, hypnotic. She’ll make you forget all the flaws she had.
She a good deacon’s daughter. Can quote any chapter and verse.
She’s been called a spitfire and hell-raiser. All at once makes you pray and then curse.
She’s my solitude and silence. But she’s a rowdy little thing.
She will sit by you so quietly, then get up and dance and sing.

A gypsy soul makes her wander. She has no roots, just wings.
But can tell you her whole story. She always wears her grandmother’s ring.
Take my word! Don’t ever try it. Don’t tell her what to do.
But speak to her with kindness, and she’ll move heaven and earth for you.
She follows her heart anywhere. That heart is bigger than most.
She’ll shy away from attention. Then try to brag and boast.
So rebellious and so stubborn—does the opposite of what she’ll say,
Just to be spiteful and show you, she will pave her own winding way.

Don’t ever tell her she can’t. Don’t say she isn’t strong.
She will make it her mission to prove you’re so very wrong.
She loves without hesitation, and see everyone’s best deep inside.
But cross her once and you’ll be sorry, to see her ugly side.
She won’t follow the rules or the crowd. Thinks they both make life too constrained.
Prefers to be brutally honest, but she knows how to play the game.
She’ll never be tamed, she’s a wild one. You cannot keep her from being free.
She might stay for awhile but know this—she will always up and leave.

She has made many people wonder, If the high was worth the fall.
I’d say my time with her, was the best time of them all.
Be happy that you knew her—that your paths somehow met.
Because that’s so much more—more than most people get.

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Doesnt every girl want a poem written about her?