Hail Mary

Someone once asked me.
Did you ever picture yourself here?
I looked up at them and said no.
I was that girl in high school who didn't give a ****.
But you see I've always been that girl who cares too much.
I was that girl that made her parents cry.
But you see I was the one who wanted to die.
I was that girl who lied,
Constantly looking for the next high
But these days were dry.
And the time stopped flying.
My days begin with lying
And my nights were full of crying
My teachers constantly asking me if I was okay
And I kept denying
Happy as can be
A bitter sweat treat
To be high and dieing
I eventually stopped trying
And my grades began to fail
And I stopped saying my Hail Mary's
The more they dropped the more I stopped caring
Because none of this shit was worth sharing
To people who couldn't hear what I had to say.

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